Located in the hardwood forests of the Catskill Mountains,
just three short hours from New York City, our fabrication facility
taps into the area’s centuries-old heritage of logging and lumber,
while influencing the latest trends in contemporary urban design.
JOHNHOUSHMAND operates on the same dynamic wavelength
as the world’s most in-demand architects and designers,
offering visionary solutions and state-of-the-art techniques
for realizing their most ingenious ideas.

Working in tandem with our clients on myriad projects through the years
has yielded a process of enormously creative interaction. Ideas are nurtured,
new approaches are respected, and collaboration is always encouraged
to enhance an inspiration. More than simply fabricators of art-as-furniture
and architectural specialties, we celebrate design excellence,
bringing artistry to everything we make.

Placing our studio on a thousand wooded acres has not only
expanded our minds, it has also allowed us to expand the scale of our
equipment, assembly space, and materials inventory. This is tremendously liberating to
our clients, for there are no limits to the scope of a project or its delivery to any site,
anywhere on the globe, from Waikiki to Dubai. JOHNHOUSHMAND’s goal is to remove the
constraints that often diminish the impact or effectiveness of an ambitious design.

As each new project moves into production, we draw from years of experience.
John has been making art and architecture for 43 years. Many of the proprietary innovations deployed
at JOHNHOUSHMAND began as solutions to unique design challenges along the way, some eventually
becoming signature techniques. Our development of microslab and magicslab technology redefined how
a wood veneer might interface with other materials. We’ve perfected the elegant integration
of glass and acrylic with live edge wood slabs and microslabs. And our character grade protocol
for selecting woods that cannot be had as veneers or graded lumber yields materials
that celebrate nature’s perfect imperfections. These materials are not only at the
core of how we design, but also speak to our respect for the planet.

More than just craftsmen, the JOHNHOUSHMAND team is a constellation of
talented artisans and experienced technicians, and is a diverse crew of specialists.
Conscious of the unique engineering and artistry that accompany each piece,
they work as an expert ensemble, bringing intensely creative designs to life.
From design sketches, to computer-generated drawings, to the final clearcoat,
a single piece might pass through a dozen pairs of skilled hands before it is finished
to our standards, photographed for our archive and delivered to its new home.